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I'm Rebecca (Becca). I was born at 28 weeks by emergency caesarean section with my twin sister Charlotte (Lottie). I was the larger twin weighing a huge 2lb and Lottie weighed 1lb 8oz. I was a very feisty little girl managing to pull out my ventilator tube at only 2 hours old!

I have spastic cerebral palsy affecting all my limbs but my sister is fine. Although I can walk in a walking frame, with a sling, and can roll and move around on the floor I have to be hoisted in and out of equipment at school. I only attend a mainstream school with my sister three days a week at the moment (special school the other two days) but I would love to attend there full time.

Unfortunately hoisting takes me out of the classroom a lot so I can't spend time with my friends during school breaks. I also find it very undignified to be hoisted on and off the toilet and would love to have some dignity and be able to transfer from equipment to equipment/toilet myself. This would also give me independence. I would have time to play outside with my friends using a simple walking frame or crutches and attend school with my twin sister full time.

I have been accepted for the Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) surgery at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri. In their letter the surgeon wrote: “ Her spasticity will be permanently reduced, her sitting and standing postures will improve, her transitions between postures will be easier and faster, her balance and level of comfort will both improve. We feel that Rebecca has a chance to walk with a walker and we will assess her ability to walk using crutches.….We strongly recommend that she have the rhizotomy surgery.” Find out About SDR Surgery

Anything you can do to help me fulfil my wish is greatly appreciated.

All the money we raise will be held by the charity Tree of Hope. They will then pay the hospital, therapy centre and equipment suppliers on our behalf. 

Thank you for any donation you can make!

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